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“Todd has been one of the most committed, independent and thoughtful writers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Todd is not only dedicated, but is also an incredibly hard worker and eager to not just ‘do the job’, but to make a difference doing it. He is a skilled researcher, a detail-focused writer and has shown tremendous poise and judgment in his writing.”

Adrian Bradbury
Founder & Academy Director, Football for Good

“Todd Devlin reported to me as a weekly human-interest columnist when I was managing editor of Metro London newspaper. His writing is clear and clean, an editor’s dream. More importantly, he tells great stories. Regardless of topic, readers will care who and what he’s writing about.”

Jim Reyno
Former Editor, Metro News London

“Todd Devlin is an industrious, bright writer. Years ago, a boss told me that to be a success in writing you had to be like a dairy farmer sitting on a four-legged stool. The legs represented: knowing what news is; the ability to come up with good ideas; a strong work ethic; and the ability to write. Very few sit on four-legged stools. Todd sits at his laptop on a chair with four legs.”

Bob Elliott
Founder of Canadian Baseball Network and longtime baseball columnist, Toronto Sun
Recipient of 2012 J.G. Taylor Spink Award by the National Baseball Hall of Fame

“Pillar Nonprofit Network had the pleasure of working with Todd when, as a freelance journalist, he covered stories related to the nonprofit sector including the Burnout and Loneliness of Leaders. Todd’s passion and interest in the nonprofit sector was evident in his reaching out to create thought-provoking articles about the sector.”

Michelle Baldwin
Executive Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network

“Todd is keen and has a passion for doing his job well. He begins with thorough research prior to strong execution in his work. His ability to write on deadline in clean, easy-to-edit copy is a major asset. Further, he has a strong repertoire of writing styles, which makes him a very well-rounded journalist. I highly recommend Todd.”

Andy Watson
Public Affairs Officer, BC Provincial Government